What is Metal Fabrication?

Fabrication is the process of structuring metals into various machines and other structures. The structuring of metals is done by bending, cutting, welding, formatting and assembling the various parts to form a metallic product. To structure or create a metal product you must first get the drawing of the end product with the exact measurements. Once the machine drawing with the precise measurements is done, the fabrication is done and then finally the product is installed. There are many fabrication shops which do the fabrication and provide you with the desired product. These fabrication shops will bid on a job which is based on machine drawings and if provided the contract will take up the orders and start to build the metal products. By getting a contract with a fabrication shop, you can get all your products customized instead of running behind many vendors to get the product you need. These shops which specialize in the fabrication process are known as fab shops.

Metal Fabrication

The following are all the things you need to know about fabrication:

  • The process of the Fabrication.
  • Raw Materials needed.
  • Machining and welding.
  • Final Assembly.

The process of the Fabrication:

The three primary processes in the fabrication process are cutting, bending and assembling. The cutting is done by sawing, shearing, chiseling; these things are either done manually and with the help of other machine parts. The bending is done by hammering or by press brakes and other tools. The CNC controlled backguages are used hard stops to keep the cut parts in position. There is also programming software which makes the controlling press of the CNC very efficient.  The assembling of the cut pieces is done by welding or with adhesives.

Raw Materials needed:

The basic and standard raw materials used in the fabrication process are plate metal, expanded metal, tube stock, welding wire, welding rod, and casting.

Machining and welding:

After the raw materials needed are collected you need to burn and form the metal. Burning the metal allows you to mould it in the way you want your structure to be designed. Forming is the process of converting the piece of metal into a 3-D structure. After the burning and forming of the metal is done you come to the machining process. The machining is the process of removing the unwanted materials from the product.

Welding is one of the most important things in the fabrication process. The formed and machined parts are welded for checking the accuracy of the product. If any specific welding is mentioned in the machine drawing, then the welder does accordingly.

Final Assembly:

Once the welding is completed the process of fabrication is almost completed.  After the product is cooled, it is usually sandblasted. Then the product is primed and painted. If there are any specific things given by the customer, then those details are added. Finally, the product is inspected and checked if it works as it is supposed to it is shipped to the client who has requested for the product.

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