Types of Fabrication

When metal raw materials are converted into a fine mechanic product, the process is known as Fabrication. The process may include a various process of bending, cutting, welding, formatting, and assembling. To structure or create a metal product you must first get the drawing of the end product with the exact measurements. Once the machine drawing with the precise measurements is done, the fabrication is done and then finally the product is installed. There are many fabrication shops which do the fabrication and provide you with the desired product. These fabrication shops will bid on a job which is based on machine drawings and if provided the contract will take up the orders and start to build the metal products. By getting a contract with a fabrication shop, you can get all your products customized instead of running behind many vendors to get the product you need. These shops which specialize in the fabrication process are known as fab shops.

Types of Fabrication

In this article you will be reading about the following:

  • Types of Fabrication Processes.
  • Types of Fabrication services.

Types of Fabrication Process:

The fabrication process includes:

  • Cutting: The metals first needs to be cut so that you can proceed with your designing process. Initially, tools like saws and hammers were used, but these days the fab shops use a laser, water cutting, and plasma.
  • Folding: Folding is the process of bending the metal into various shapes and sizes so that the desired product can be designed. The brake press is usually used for folding the metals.
  • Machining: The machining is the process of removing the unwanted materials from the product. The machining is done on a lathe or by various drills.
  • Punching: The punching process makes use of a die which cuts out the metal pieces to make a hole in the product.
  • Stamping: Stamping is kind of similar to Punching, but the material is not cut in stamping.
  • Welding: The welding is done to join two pieces of metal together. The formed and machined parts are welded for checking the accuracy of the product. If any specific welding is mentioned in the machine drawing, then the welder does accordingly.

Types of fabrication services:

  • Structural Fabrication: Structural fabrication is the fabrications which are done for construction purposes. Many commercial establishments use structural fabrication to design their outer structure.
  • Plastic Fabrication: Though the word fabrication may be associated with metals, this day we also have plastic fabrications where small products are designed using plastic as raw materials.
  • Grill Fabrication: You may need a grill fabrication to design your window grills or your gate grills. There are many fab shops which design and provide you with a beautiful grill metal product.
  • Aluminium fabrication: The aluminum has a high tensile strength, and many customers request for their product to be made out of aluminum. The aluminum has a good durable strength and also gives you a wear and tear resistance.

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